About Us

Joelson Industries was founded in 1988 and has its roots in seasonal giftware and home décor. From the beginning, Joelson has offered a novel approach to product design that, when combined with exceptional customer service and custom-tailored promotional programs, quickly established Joelson as a key supplier to major grocery, drug, and convenience store chains. 

Since its inception, Joelson has earned a well-deserved reputation as an innovator of lifestyle products. Our design team constantly strives to originate items that define taste and create the perfect ambience.

Our current product offering incorporates revolutionary technology and cutting edge design elements that redefine industry conventions.

Joelson Industries will continue to create items that defy expectation – appealing, exciting lifestyle products that enhance all occasions, big or small.

Joelson Industries, Inc. is not only a manufacturer of our own products but we also provide design and manufacturing for other corporations.  With our expertise in design, sourcing, and production of products that cover; hot impulse items, seasonal giftware, floral products, general merchandise, C-Store items, branded merchandise and even apparel.

It is in Joelson Industries DNA to surf the wave of trends and technology in the creation of our products.  It is our passion to live and work on the cutting edge of inspirational and aspirational marketing!


Our products can be purchased through a large variety of retailers and distributors.